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Turnkey Websites


In these tough economic conditions, it seems that most business deals fall through as a result of the lack of time and/or money. We realize this, and we have created a system that helps our potential clients to cope with these two factors.

Our turnkey websites share most of the features of our custom websites. They are actually custom websites that have been built for the purpose to replicate them exclusively in different cities for different practice areas. Our clients can pick out a website design, as well as images from our library of royalty free photos. We have copyrighted content for dozens of practice areas, which are included in each turnkey website. The process is as follows:


Pick the website that best fits your company image.

Specify what practice area landing pages need to be on the website.

Pick out photos for the website from our library (or let us do it).


Once these three steps have been done, we will create the website in its entirety for you. Once the website is live, our clients can login to Joomla and modify the pre-written content at their discretion. Our turnkey websites are usually completed within two weeks, and are a cost effective option for any company that is low on time and marketing funds.