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Google Places Listings (GPL)

Google has made some recent changes as of this year in regards to the layout of the Google search. This has mainly been the repositioning of the Local Business Listings. The changes involved moving the local business listings into the positions that previously contained the natural search results. The map that related to these listings is now along the right side of the screen. This has pushed the SEO results down and has changed the importance of the Google Places listings.

The changes in the layout have been accompanied by a series of written and unwritten guideline changes for what Google looks for to make the listings show up on the first page of the Google search instead of just the map section of Google.

These changes include new features in the accounts to utilize, the elimination of criteria that Google used to look for, as well as a shift in the type of citations that Google likes to see on the web related to the listing. If you or the company that manages your GPL account is not up to date with these changes, it will be difficult to acheive first page placement in the Google Places rankings. Call us today to discuss how we can immeditaley go to work on your Google Places Listing to acheive first page placement on Google given the new guidelines.