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Google Analytics

Our websites are built with Google Analytics installed. Google Analytics is a free interface offered by Google to track website statistics. Once setup, it is user friendly, and provides virtually all of its information in a graphical interface.

Website tracking is one of the most important elements to a successful internet marketing strategy. Most of your competitors can only tell you how much traffic their website receives in a given time frame. However, simple information like traffic volume is not dynamic enough to make any sort of determinations as to the effectiveness of your website, and the advertising thereof. Our approach is much more comprehensive.

With Google Analytics, our clients have the ability to determine how much traffic comes from each source. Our clients can also view how long this traffic stays on the site, what pages they were viewing, and the subsequent conversions (contact form inquiries, etc.) from each source. Google Analytics tracks what time of the day, week, and month these conversions happen (among many other variables). It then links the information together to show the cost per conversion from each medium over any selected time frame.

For example, Google Analytics allows both our clients and us to login to the website and know that there were 21 inquiries in a given month from Google Adwords at a cost of $67 each. In comparison, your Google Analytics can show that your program produced 10 inquiries which equal $102.35 each. By knowing how much you’re paying for a service and how many leads are resulting from a service, these statistics become simple math.

Tracking conversions will allow you to make informed decisions when it comes time to adjust your annual marketing budget, and it is essential to making your PPC and SEO as effective as possible.

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