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Google Adwords (PPC)

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is another interface from Google to get your website to page one. When a user performs a search, paid positioning is available along the top and right side of the screen. We professionally setup and manage our clients PPC accounts. Your ad appears when a user performs a search. Each time the potential client clicks on your ad, you incur a small fee from Google. We determine how much we are willing to pay per click. The bid price that others are willing to pay primarily determines the positioning of the ad. For example, at a dollar per click, a budget of $400 per month (paid directly to Google) would be able to funnel 400 visitors to your website that were searching for your target search terms.


The highest bids usually get top placement. Google also has a scoring system called a quality score for your ads, which can weigh the positioning for ads that get more clicks and make Google more money. This is how Google keeps the system efficient.


Our professional PPC management keeps your quality score high, which means that you pay less per click than your competitors for the same position. Through Google Analytics, we can determine which ads are generating leads, and which ads are just costing our client’s money. The advantage to PPC is that the placement can happen within a week for unlimited search terms. In high end product or service industries, this can be extremely lucrative.


Our PPC accounts usually have our clients showing up for around 100 search terms. We charge a setup fee to professionally build the account. We also charge a low cost monthly fee to manage the account, and to review the account with our clients in our monthly reviews. We have always saved more money per month for our clients in wasted ad spend in comparison to what we charge to manage their PPC accounts, while increasing the amount of leads per their Google Adwords Budget with Google.



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