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Savant Web Solutions

Google Adwords (PPC)

Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) is another interface from Google to get your website to page one. When a user performs a search, paid positioning is available along the top and right side of the screen. We professionally setup and manage our clients PPC accounts. Your ad appears when a user performs a search. Each time the potential client clicks on your ad, you incur a small fee from Google. We determine how much we are willing to pay per click. The bid price that others are willing to pay primarily determines the positioning of the ad. For example, at a dollar per click, a budget of $400 per month (paid directly to Google) would be able to funnel 400 visitors to your website that were searching for your target search terms.


The highest bids usually get top placement. Google also has a scoring system called a quality score for your ads, which can weigh the positioning for ads that get more clicks and make Google more money. This is how Google keeps the system efficient.


Our professional PPC management keeps your quality score high, which means that you pay less per click than your competitors for the same position. Through Google Analytics, we can determine which ads are generating leads, and which ads are just costing our client’s money. The advantage to PPC is that the placement can happen within a week for unlimited search terms. In high end product or service industries, this can be extremely lucrative.


Our PPC accounts usually have our clients showing up for around 100 search terms. We charge a setup fee to professionally build the account. We also charge a low cost monthly fee to manage the account, and to review the account with our clients in our monthly reviews. We have always saved more money per month for our clients in wasted ad spend in comparison to what we charge to manage their PPC accounts, while increasing the amount of leads per their Google Adwords Budget with Google.



Welcome to Savant Web Solutions

Welcome to Savant Web Solutions. We are a US based internet marketing company that builds high caliber, cost effective websites. We also specialize in Search Engine Marketing. We have the capability to build virtually any website such as E-commerce, information systems, auction websites, and inbound lead generation websites. Our focus has mainly been working with law firms and medical practices across the USA to build professional websites that rank well on Google for target searches.

There are many significant differences in the approach that we take with our clients in comparison to other internet marketing companies:

As a boutique company, we form close business partnerships with our clients often acting as an extension of their own company.

We feel that transparency is the key to maintaining business partnerships. Our clients have access to direct, low cost hosting on our server at our bulk base price of only $56/year. Our clients are also able to login and view the effectiveness of our marketing efforts in real time through Google Analytics. All of our SEO tactics are presented to the client before implementation in an "SEO Roadmap", so that the client has a clear understanding of what it takes to get to the top of Google for their desired terms.

Each client is assigned an account manager. Our account managers streamline our website projects and our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) projects, so that our clients only work with one person at our company. They also schedule monthly briefings with our clients to keep them up to date with their marketing while teaching our clients how to understand their marketing better.

We keep our overhead low, which allows us to offer our websites and search engine marketing services at very competitive rates. Our long term clients have come to appreciate the value of our services given the quality of our work in comparison to the cost of our Search Engine Marketing programs.

Our results speak for themselves. We have law firms all over the US that have been with us for years becasue they are well ranked on Google for the top searches in their practice areas and target locations.

We are a one stop shop for developing your website and a successful search engine marketing portfolio. Our clients stick with our program because we get the job done, and because the quality of our service does not diminish over time. Give us a call today, or fill out our free marketing analysis form to schedule a phone call at your convenience.


Google Places Listings (GPL)

Google has made some recent changes as of this year in regards to the layout of the Google search. This has mainly been the repositioning of the Local Business Listings. The changes involved moving the local business listings into the positions that previously contained the natural search results. The map that related to these listings is now along the right side of the screen. This has pushed the SEO results down and has changed the importance of the Google Places listings.

The changes in the layout have been accompanied by a series of written and unwritten guideline changes for what Google looks for to make the listings show up on the first page of the Google search instead of just the map section of Google.

These changes include new features in the accounts to utilize, the elimination of criteria that Google used to look for, as well as a shift in the type of citations that Google likes to see on the web related to the listing. If you or the company that manages your GPL account is not up to date with these changes, it will be difficult to acheive first page placement in the Google Places rankings. Call us today to discuss how we can immeditaley go to work on your Google Places Listing to acheive first page placement on Google given the new guidelines.


Google Natural/Organic Search (SEO)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a service that we provide to acheive first page placement on Google for our client’s websites to naturally show up for the most searched terms that would be used by a potential client looking for the clients business. SEO has some key benefits in that it can acheive first page placement for a large number of terms. We have clients that are ranked on the first page of Google for over 65 terms related to their business.

Our SEO service involves 35 strategies that we implement. Approximately half of these strategies involve direct changes to the website (on page), and the other half involves changes to how the website is connected to the web (off page). Google scans the web and scans your website for changes, and ranks it according to its relevance among your competitors. Our 35 SEO variables cater to what Google's algorithm looks for in the search.

There are several steps that are covered in our SEO setup:

Keyword Traffic Pyramid- We ask the client to choose the top terms that they think a client would search when looking for your service, like "Family Lawyer in St. Louis", etc. We take this list as a starting point and using a tool, we expand the list out to every possible type of search related to your keywords. We then use another tool to determine the monthly search volume for each keyword. We sort the keywords by the search volume, and return the list to the client to discuss what terms should be used moving forward. It's important to do the research on the keywords. The term "Dallas Accident Lawyer" is searched ten times more than "Accident Lawyer in Dallas". Choosing the right terms will significantly improve the results of your SEO.

Competitor Analysis- Once we have determined out target terms, we scan the top three websites that currently show up on Google for each term. We then generate a competitor analysis that we use in house to determine the SEO strategy for each individual page in our clients website that we want to show up for each term.

Website SEO Roadmap (10+ pages)- Our SEO Roadmap Report outlines everything that needs to be done to the website (on page) to show up for the target terms based on the competitor analysis and our knowledge of SEO. Once developed, we review this with the client.


After the SEO roadmap is developed and approved by the client, we implement the roadmap into the website as part of our monthly SEO maintanence service. We usually re-develop and implement the roadmap on a quarterly basis as part of our monthly SEO service. Our monthly SEO service also includes the off page optimization which involves submitting the clients blogs to the web, linking social media sites like facebook, and managing youtube accounts and photo geo tagging accounts as well a many other SEO tasks.

Our clients receive a monthly SEO visibility report as an excel sheet that shows the rankings for each term each in monthly columns that clearly shows the progress of the SEO campaign. Call us today to discuss our SEO strategies further.


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